Announcing City Music Deal.

US Music Cities have a sound and today city’s artists, bands, labels, studios, trade-groups, advocates and business groups are formalizing plans on how to capitalize on the home town sounds which we call Musicnomics. Music is everywhere today and we’ve moved past a false notion of it’s free to recognizing like as some cities have that it’s one of the greatest treasures as well as economic potentials and reason behind City Music Deal(TM).

While City’s musicians are playing in-town, traveling in the region; Hopefully, the country if not world. The question will come up on how’s this sound getting out beyond your local shops, merchandise tables and world of mouth and someone sticking it up on itunes or Amazon. And, why should cities care?

As the CEO of General Electric recently stated, “The United States should have 2 priorities become a country that is good at manufacturing and exports” 1.

It’s the export part and considering this year’s Neilson/Soundscan will show that having music in physical over digital format is the key to being successful in today new music business and it has to be physical since it’s actually very hard to export digital music and most overseas consumers don’t have digital capabilities let alone streaming..

Let’s be clear that music needs to be in physical format too. It is itself often a physical act and today with special deals from manufacturing plans it’s never been easier to make. In a week Music can be in Cassette, CD, Digital and Vinyl formats.  While in the past this mean vast sums of capital to come up, create, records master and then manufacture; Let alone securing a fair distribution deal — not today.

Now artists, bands and labels (even Schools) choose which services they need via the ability to offer Distribution as a Service #DaaS/   It’s never been easier for independent artists to have the same distribution as the Majors and it’s as simple as signing up for a:


It’s from these offerings we’ll be working in each City with local partners to make each CityMusicDeal(TM) special and base it upon the support that each city is giving it’s music. Our Partners & Sponsors believe it’s time to help our USA Music Cities get their unique sounds into the marketplace. This way music is not only supporting local economies, it’s part of our exports abroad that serve to advance commerce and US culture and something we stand behind aptly named Buy Indie Support Locals


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