16 Week Cycle

The process of getting a release ready with a distributor for physical distribution is typically called the 16 Week plan. Each distributor has a very specific plan for each release however there is a general timeline that all successful release have abided by and it’s 16 weeks for where Distribution, Marketing, Promotion and the Street Date all come together.

From Week one of getting the general information about the planned release to the distributors to a time and date for manufacturing and then getting to the distributors whom have to get it to One-Stops and chains that have very demanding timeline on when they’ll accept an shipment and any of these not going to plan will impact the eventually street date.

Altavoz has an developed something unique for our 16 week cycle called Label Boot Camp (Tm) and we like to say if you Finnish it you get a Street Date. Please feel to check out LabelBootCamp.com

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