City Music Deal(TM) is a City by City approach to propagating music.  Since many of the top cities in the USA identiy music as being one of the it’s most important culltural and econcomic activiies. Music is often thought of as Local Music and there is a great reason for this and it’s part of why the City Music was developed.  We already know that top USA Music Cities have dedicated music offices and commissions and that everyone one of them has artists, bands and labels that need to get out from the city into the Global Marketplace. 

Starting with Digital Distribution or Physical Distribution let alone BOTH!  Cities content creators will now have the same chance as the Majors be be in stores (digital and physical) 

The day to day program is managed by

Altavoz Entmt.

622 Hungerford, Dr, #2

Rockville, MD 20850


For more information please visit Altavoz.com

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