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In each USA Music City, we’re looking for the local representatives that knows the ins and outs of their local music scene and live and breath it daily. This roles is central to our local strategy since no one knows a market like a local and they are going to be the ambassadors for that USA Music City as they often are connected to Chamber, Government, Sports or the local University as well being musicians themselves.
However; often while that person has their finger on a couple of music related activities and just doesn’t know how to tie it all together or scale it up.
Well! look no future than the Since we can now offer through you to your local music market the same level of distribution as the Majors (if not better today) and you can help them now choose between the following deals:

  3. Or both


Press Releases for current Ambassadors

The best part of these deals is that they are easy to understand and are transactional– just choose one. This means compensating our representatives is easy to do too. Since each you’ll be given an AVOZ-Sales number and anytime an artists, band, group, or label signs up for services, And! they include your number — your account is credited with the sale.
On top of all of this don’t quit your day/night job. If you are running a local business, in music all the better, you’ve already proved that you know where this journey starts off and the partners in each USA Music City are just like you and we look forward to connecting each of your together here along with the Parnters and Sponsors.
Musc Tryouts(TM) coming 2016

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