What is American Music

On of the most culturally identifiable things about America is our Music, it’s one of the unique treasure of the US. The Recorded Music business is actually one of the very few industries Recorded media, that we invented . Back in 1898 when the talking boxes showed up in New York City, A friend of John Phillips Susa wrote him a letter about it suggesting that he get the US Marine Corp band to give the people something to really talk about…..

Of course! his publishing company Columbia Publishing didn’t really know what to do with “talking boxes” however, JPS prevailed on his desire to record the very first recording. “The March of El Dragon”. And, of course the Recorded music business has always been the tail that wags to the publishing side of the music business, yet that is another story altogether. However the Recorded music business went on to be one of the USA largest exports right up until the elimination of the Check Box Rule by the Clinton Administration, while now allows Masters, Sound Recordings really any IP to cross US borders without acknowledging that this particular item/file was a IP, who’s it registered to and of course pay a tax. Visit TheMajorsSuck.com to learn more.

This is set off the unknown? consequence of Haliburtionsizing the US Music Business since none of the biggest US music stars music is exported out of the US as Recorded media and the very reason why USExports where down -397 precent in 2014 over 2013 and why we started the City Music Deal(TM).

Simply put American music is US Made Music that is also exported out of the US, hence the need to call it American. Also every other country does the same thing and frankly are importing into American at a more successful rate than American Music is Exported to their.

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