The Blooming Music Deal.

Here to help the sounds of Bloomington come out of the state and show the world that it’s more than meets the eye.

After reading the statement from the Major of Bloomington Indiana Mark Kruzan, about this city’s stance on being an open and inclusive society.

“For those who know Bloomington to be the welcoming community it is, we will be fine. But businesses, investors, and visitors not familiar with our progressiveness may well paint Indiana with a broad brush to our detriment.”

Altavoz felt that this might be a true Indiana, and music that surely must be boiling from Bloomington about now needs too, again, GET OUT. Please visit Open for Service to learn more about how communities across the nations are fighting the good fight.

Indie artists bands and labels this deal will allow anyone in to choose between a variety of Distribution options that will set the stage for your entrance into the #musicbiz and the global community of entertainers.

Choose between:


Or both



Coming Soon.

If you’d like to contact us about the Bloomington Music scene please use Bloomington @

Please let other know about this by using #bloomingtonmusicdeal

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