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Back in 2011 one of the first clues to the importance of the CityMusicDeal(TM) came to us from from Seattle’s Metropolitan Chamber, Seattle Mayor Mike McGinn and Councilmember Nick Licata and their groundbreaking study to study the Seattle Music’s impact on the Economy and it was a staggering to those outside of Music how important it is to Seattle, King County and the Chamber of Commerce.

Local music is a $2.2 billion industry that provides more than 20,000 jobs in Seattle and King County. —Link

This partnership and ours will focus on increased visibility for your local music scene and help connect local businesses to artists. Efforts include an annual music event focused on emerging artists and innovation in music-associated sectors, such as gaming and something growing out of the District of Columbia called as well as an events to educate businesses on best practices for incorporating local music into their advertising campaigns and corporate events.

We are seeking to have the local chamber’s to introduce music issues into its policy work at the local, state and federal levels. These issues range from exports, tax, foreign performing artist visa policies. Each Chamber’s and City Music Deal, representatives can build a framework out after establishing relationship that caters to their unique needs and without a one size fits all approach.

Collaboration possibilities to think about for the Chambers: Each USA Music City is filled with Artists, Bands, Labels, Lawyers, Managers, Studios, Promoters, Marketing and Social Media companies and each one of them should consider becoming a member of their Chamber since each one of them are a Business.

Besides when CityMusicDeal participates should be joining since you do need to use their services to make some of your chamber activities and events come off and supporting your own member in business is a win win for Chamber and Music people plus the City gets a Win too.

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