The DC Music Deal

Altavoz Entertainment, Inc. is launching its seventh City Music Deal, in the Nation’s Capitol city with Eugene Smith as DC’s Ambassador. Each ambassador role is to connect the city’s independent artists, bands, and labels with Altavoz’s global, digital, and physical music distribution solutions, as well as network with other City Music Deal ambassadors.

“I’ve worked with Eugene and his whole crew for a number of years and the synergies that we’ll get from this Ambassadorship is really going to be a great for DC Made Music and will also help our other Music Cities too as we leverage his publishing ecosystem. ” said Altavoz CEO Nelson R. Jacobsen.

Altavoz is launching in top music cities around the country to identify and expose emerging artists. The Altavoz program is modeled after the Seattle Music Initiative and is a significant lever in how the company is looking to build a strong and national independent music community. Altavoz’s City Music Deals ensure that cities and artists are networked together to develop and build community, attract businesses and consumers, and grow stable, creative local careers.

Ambassador: Eugene Smith
Phone: 202-670-4373

District Artists, Bands and Labels can choose one of our existing deals and get an additional 5% by using CMD:

  3. Or both

Partners: to learn more about local efforts to support local music in DC.

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