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Distribution is the role of moving a good from the supplier to the marketplace. This can be self distribution or the old selling from the back of the trunk model and is pretty mush the same thing for putting your own goods online iTunes or any services. Or it’s done via third parties.

For a point of clarity the Majors are just record labels and artists attached to Distributors. Sony, Universal and WEA are currently the only three left out of the big 6 back in the 90s. Being attached to these companies is the goal of many artists however they’re not the only way products make it to stores and some of them don’t even handle their digital distribution. It’s

There are 3 super, so called, Independent distributors, RED, FONTANA, ADA however their power is that they are back by Sony, Universal and WEA respectively, and can open the doors for acts that aren’t on a Major label to get help from the real power the distributor. And, now of course AMPED Distribution that is unlike anything that existed before and how Altavoz is able to offer these great deals. AMPED is the combined power of two One-Stops that have come together that control the last mile to 10,000 stores and run the largest Amazon marketplace for entertainment goods as well as running Bestbuy.com, FYE.com, Target.com.

On top of these 4 another 8 truly Independent Music Distributors that do digital and physical distribution exists ranging from from single genre distribution to world wide independent distribution across a network of partners of which Altavoz was one until back in 2014 when it was brought into AMPED.

All of the Distributors above then feed limited amounts of all of their releases to One-Stops.

There are 3 One-Stops left after the Merger of Alliance Entmt and Super D Onestop, along with Baker & Taylor and newly forming competitors. The job of the One-Stop is to allows stores to come to them to get one and two of each release and manage their inventor and credit lines with the other Distributors. Unless the release is going to sell at least 25 units in any single store it’s very cost ineffective for Distributors to Ship out 1 unit to a little store in your town, Where as with the One-Stops they can just add it the next order along with just about everything else.

On the Digital Distribution Side there are really only 5 and one of them is so large it’s towers over the other competitors and is in over 200 locations vs 85 or even 9 that one new company is bragging about let alone the multitudes that claim to be and are really reselling the #1 company. And, of course there more than enough artists that feel that they need to self-distribute so they get it on iTunes or Pandora by themselves.

The point being that no one can pack enough CD’s into their truck and visit enough cities to make it worth their time if there is really something to the music. Because the act of making it is one of the hardest jobs in the worlds and not many can do it for a living. And, today with the ability today to offer Distribution as a Service, DaaS from a Digital only deal or Physical only to having both and being exporting globally we have to ask why even try. Let us and our partners handle this since we believe – Distribution is Everything and it not a game.

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