Got Distribution What’s a distribution deal: Major, independent, digital distribution and how do you know if it’s a good one? There are few questions that have to asked and answered before you can truly understand where in the MusicBiz and how that biz considers you and your project.

Start with the basics:

A Major is someone distributed by the Majors (BMG, Eone, SONY, UNI, WEA)and they account for 90 percent of sales and 10 precent of the content. That means that 90 percent of the people reading this, if not higher, are going to need and Indepedent distributor “Indie Distro” option. The Indie Distro’s are tiered with some being really owned by the Majors And, they are ADA, distributed by WEA and Red, distributed by Sony and Fontana that being a former arm of UNI is just LARGE. Aprox another 7 Indie disto that offer digital and physical distribution. On top of these there are aggragators, marketing labels, white labels and niche distributors.

As for the make up

  • Are you an artist, band, label or a mix?
  • Do you currently have a distribution deal?
  • Submission requirements, ISRC codes how supplys them?
  • Who’s marketing, promoting and selling the project
What to talk to someone about it. CEO, Nelson Jacobsen of Altavoz Entmt will be at the Mesa Music Festival stage during SXSW in a booth with time to meet in person and talk Got Distribution

Sign up for a meeting Wed – Fri at our space on 9th and Naches St. coming soon.

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