Marketing is business to business communications about a given product or services. It’s often mistaken for promotion, however in the 16 Week Cycle of getting a release ready for it’s street-date, this is the activity that take place at the very start to insure what retailers and sales channel partners are aware that the product exists. It’s not about fans at this point in time it’s about buyers aware and ultimately shelve space. Musical Releases need to factor in at least 1 dollar out of each unit sold to be minimally effect in front of these buyers who often see more from the Majors.

The communications that these gatekeepers receive daily are from the biggest corporations in the worlds with art and media savvy people on payroll and retainers that is very good at their jobs; Hence, one of the reasons to sign with the Majors if offered a deal. However, for the 90 percent that aren’t signed to them getting this part right is often what puts the release into the ball game. Now being in-stores is a huge mistake considering that the ned of the year sales where almost 70/30 physical over digital.

On the Digital Distribution side there is no real marketing to do, on the given release date if whomever your digital distributor is peered too will have access to the release. There is presently no way for anyone Indie or Major to compel digital stores to do anything with the release. If the algorithms like it then your release will get exposure or if you have sales it something that is attention getting to these channel partners. Really get your pre-sale link and go to town promoting it.

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