City Music Deal Mayoral Role

We believe that Mayors have a special place in the USA and in music as they often run with the help of local musicians and many of them are just well aware of the Musicnomics for their City. If not when you hear someone say your city needs to export.

Guess what you already have it being exported every-time a local artists or band leaves your town, or someone from out of your town enjoys the music digital or more importantly physically distributed out in CD, Cassette, Vinyl what ever the consumer wants it can be manufacture it today and hopefully in your city.

As more of them and the US in general is waking up to the re-emergence of physical music vinyl plants are springing up and events like RecordStoreDay are drawing millions of dollars to stores often Mom and Pops in local Cities.

This is why CityMusicDeal(TM) representatives are at the US Mayors Winter Conference in Washington DC looking to partner with them to take their local music and get it into every single store in USA and globally exported as USMadeMusic

If your a Mayor or  of the economic development arm of the city please look for anyone wearing the Altavoz button.


Or call 202-365-1636 (might be near bar in Hilton) .

Mayors @ and put in partners or sponsors in subject line.

Please let other know about this by using #mayorslovemusicdeals

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