Music and Economics band together forming Musicnomics

Please click on the above image to go to a Prezi that our CEO, Nelson, put together to show the impact that creators of music have on their local economics. This forms the bedrock of these #CityMusicDeals and we believe it services as the new way to bundle music, artists and cities into networks of co-creators.  

The art is already happening its not up to the cities and Metropolitan areas to tune in and figure out how to export it out.

Since you can now choose from Altavoz Entmt’s Distribution as a Service #DaaS offerings – Thus solving the largests problem of all – how to distribute it:

  1. Digital Distribution Deal
  2. Physical Distribution Deal
  3. Digital PhysicalDistribution Deal

We believe once you start to see the interconnectedness of this system it’s not a huge leap to realize why music was our #1 export (prior to the removal of the Check box rule see This way we can stop the entertaining our economy to death and it’s now within each city reach to network together and realize that music is part of it’s exports and if they’re not counting every unit leaving at the borders of your City, States and District of Columbia and US’s (see it’s a missed opportunity.

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