On of the trends sweeping the public libraries is the advent of being digital and physical depository of information and entertainment. Enter just about any of the 120,000 libraries in the USA and your bound to find Audio Books, Games, Music, Movies and it’s often as simply downloading an app and connecting your library card and start to access entertainment now.

And, if there is one thing that the Altavoz Family knows is that having your release in your local library is not only cool it pays as well as any other streaming resource. In fact we have several programs including these City Music Deals that will ensure that releases digital, physical or both are available for the librarians across the USA to connect, downland and physically offer to the great patrons of these public innovation centers.

Altavoz likes this so much that we’re teaming up with a new label partner to launch and exclusive library release and just this this artists it all starts with signing a music deal for distribution, as it’s one thing that we’ve learned the hard way that without it the audience is very limited with it the world is a stage. Getting started is a simple as signing a music distribution deal and the City Music Deals listed here will be the best way to be part of your community and will have individual rewards depending upon the breath and wisdoms of the local leadership to come to see the value of music to it’s city’s culture and economy.

And here the best part, to get into Public Libraries Artists Bands and Labels only need to signup for one of Altavoz’s distribution deals since they all include putting music into the Libraries digitally and physcially. www.altavoz.com

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