Sponsors of the Music City Deal


We’re looking for artists, bands, companies, groups, individuals, organizations and you to become sponsors and have your brand, image or name associated with the largest grassroots effort to unite independent artists, bands and labels on a city by city bases whos maybe we can find out who’s the Best American Music City

This is the one sure way to make sure that anyone down to a City level can see what it is your have or are trying to do or say/sing.

Please come back soon as we’ll be announcing news about sponsors. To find out more please email sponsors @ citymusicdeal.com or contact us.

Representatives of CityMusicDeal(TM) will be at the upcoming US Conference of Mayors Winter Meetings #USCMWM in Washington DC.  To make a very special announcement about our 1st City Music Deal.

If your interested in you local music and want to be part of getting it out to the world AltavozEnmt’s Digital Physical Global distribution services is the answer to the Future of Music Today.   Representives of Altavoz will be at the upcoming MusicBiz.org conference in Nashiville, TN in May.

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